June 4, 2019

Tamble Joins the Race for Ramsey County Commissioner in District 1

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Greetings! Welcome to my campaign for Ramsey County Commissioner. Please review my Platform to learn about important issues, why I am interested in this seat, and what I hope to accomplish during my time in office. If you would like to offer support in some fashion, click Get Involved and check out some options.  Throughout my campaign and during my term(s) in office,

my focus will be on Building a Better Future…Together! 

Since I was introduced to government and politics back in grade school, I became intrigued with the process and people. Helping make decisions that impact a broad population seemed like a pretty important job. I have always been the type of person who is willing to speak up, so I found early interest in leadership-type roles. During my first college experience, I found myself in the role of Student Senate President, and more recently I served as Council Member for the City of Arden Hills.

As much as people do not like government "meddling in their business", I truly believe there needs to be leadership in place to address the needs of a community and stand strong during difficult times of indecision and distress. In politics, traction is often lost because of the lack of interest or capacity to sustain a particular topic of interest. Many people can share beliefs and ideas on what they’d like something to look like for a few days, though most are not equipped to partake in a lengthy operation that spans years.

When I started considering to get back into politics in 2016, I was contemplating where I would best fit in. While I continued to position my small business in a financial situation that would afford me to act on future endeavors, I began to line up my next move. On September 26, 2017 I was appointed to the Ramsey County Capital Improvement Program Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CIPAC) where I am still a member. This past December, I began making my interest in running for County Board more public. When I began to hear and read more about the progress (or lack) of the Rice Creek Commons Development, the calling became louder and louder. During my experiences thus far, I have developed working relationships with people in the District and Ramsey County as a whole. I will be able to step into this position and have a positive impact from the get-go. Serving our community as Ramsey County Commissioner feels like the next natural step in my career. 

Thank you for your consideration in this very important role!



Nick Tamble



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