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Good evening. My Name is Nick Tamble and I filed for Ramsey County Commissioner on June 4th. I was raised in Roseville and am currently a 19-year resident of Arden Hills. I have been married for 21 years and have an 8 year old daughter. Some things I enjoy during my leisure time include: fishing, scuba diving, travel and writing. If you are familiar with the StrengthsFinder assessment, my Top 5 characteristics are: Ideation, Futuristic, Strategic, Focus and Achiever.

I have operated a small business serving residents and businesses in the North Metro since 1990. Our primary target market is the cities included in District 1, where we work most every-day. Politically speaking, I served as Student Senate President while in college, which was many years ago - but it was an important role as it introduced me to government and politics. I have experience as a Council Member for the City of Arden Hills and had a brief run for House in 2012. In 2017, I was appointed to the Ramsey County Capital Improvement Program Citizens’ Advisory Committee or CIPAC and continue to serve. I am getting to know some of the staff at Ramsey County and continue to be in touch with members on Arden Hills City Council.  


While I was considering getting back into politics in 2016, I continued to position my small business so that it would afford me to act on new opportunities. This past December, I began making my interest in County Board more public. When I heard and read about the relationship between Arden Hills and Ramsey County over the Rice Creek Commons Development, the calling became louder and louder. So, for me, becoming Commissioner feels like the next natural step in my political career.

I am running for Commissioner because our community needs a strong leader who will actively represent the interests of residents and businesses in District 1, while having a big-picture mindset for Ramsey County as a whole.

As far as my platform goes; topics I see as a continued priority include: Public Safety, Communication, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Parks and Recreation, and Community and Economic Development.


My primary focus will be on Community and Economic Development, particularly the Rice Creek Commons project. I believe this is the biggest challenge facing our District and perhaps Ramsey County as a whole. It is unfortunate that the project has stalled since the cleanup has finished. I am familiar with the pain points between Arden Hills and Ramsey County, and hope to be part of a solution that is mutually beneficial for the parties involved. The economic impact of this development is far-reaching. Ultimately, Rice Creek Commons will be a benefit to the entire region. Decision makers have and will continue to pave a way for future generations who will live, work and play here. Wisdom from elders paired with vision of younger generations will bring vitality to this on-going process.


I understand there is more to being a Commissioner than just this one development (such as repairing Rice Street that has been closed due to flooding for weeks). I feel I am the right person for this seat, who can effectively listen and help communicate the best path for the 427 acre development in Arden Hills as well as other needs in the District. I have gained countless learning lessons while operating a small business for the past 29 years. There are all types of people with many different communication styles! As Commissioner, I plan to be active in the community, specifically within the cities in District 1, while attending Council Meetings at all cities in the district as well as local events. I believe this nonpartisan role is the best fit for me and I intend to run a positive campaign. Party bashing that goes on during many political campaigns as well as throughout the year is just not my style. If you want a team-player with an open mind, willing to listen to different perspectives, I’m you guy!

Steven Covey coined the phrase: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” I think that is a very accurate quote. Offering insight is a necessary act of communication. However, what is equally or more important is being a good listener. People want to be listened to, and I have my ears on.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to support my campaign, the website is VoteTamble.com

Lets Build a Better Future…Together! Thank you!

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