St. Paul Chamber of Commerce Question and Answer

2019 Ramsey County Commission Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate questionnaires are published verbatim on the East Metro Voter Guide for public education,

and are the basis for SPACC PAC endorsement decisions.


Name: Nick Tamble    


Campaign Phone: 612-819-7995

Campaign Website:

Twitter handle: @nicktamble

Facebook Page:


     1. Please provide a brief bio highlighting experience and accomplishments that qualify you to be the next Ramsey County Commissioner. (200 word maximum)


I am a 19-year resident of Arden Hills and have operated a small business serving residents and business in the North Metro area since 1990. I served as Student Senate President while in college and as Council Member for the City of Arden Hills. I was the Council Liaison for a website committee that met for several weeks to plan, organize and layout the City of Arden Hills website. This was a much-needed upgrade to allow for more seamless communication between the City

    2. Why are you running for this seat?           


I am running for Commissioner because our community needs a strong leader who will represent the interests of residents and business owners within District 1. I am also at the point in my professional career where I am seeking a new challenge. I will have a strong focus on the Rice Creek Commons development as well as the topics named on the platform page of my campaign website.


     3.What is the biggest challenge facing your district and how would you address it?


The biggest challenge facing District 1 is the relationship between Ramsey County and the City of Arden Hills pertaining the Rice Creek Commons Development. I will address this situation by becoming thoroughly informed about the most current events. I will encourage and take part in positive communication between the parties involved. I plan to attend Council meetings and participate in discussions that allow forward movement for this project.


    4.What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Ramsey County as a whole and how would you address it?


I believe the biggest challenge in Ramsey County is the development of Rice Creek Commons. Other topics of importance include the Riverfront Development in Downtown St. Paul as well as aging infrastructure of Ramsey County facilities.


    5.What would be your top three priorities if elected to the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners?


  • Rice Creek Commons development.

  • Transportation Maintenance and Improvements.

  • Services Management with respect to the growing population.


    6. Should county government be actively involved in attracting and retaining jobs?  Why or why not?  If yes, please describe the              role for the county in this process.


Yes. County government should recognize need and provide resources necessary for department heads and staff to hire the best talent possible. What is equally important is to provide a work environment where employees want to maintain and improve roles and responsibilities for the long-term.

     7. What role should county government play in economic development, and how should the county work with partner                                     organizations?


County government should be able to provide vision for economic development within Ramsey County. The County should maintain positive working relationships with partner organizations and arrive at timely decisions to build momentum for projects. Leveraging the best talent and resources between partner organizations is a key to ongoing economic development.

    8.What do you believe are the most essential services provided by county government?

  • Public Safety

  • Road Work and Snow Removal Services

  • Health and Human Services

  • Park Maintenance

  • Community Development                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9. How would you characterize the business climate in Ramsey County? What, if anything, would you do to change it?


The business climate in Ramsey County is healthy from my professional experience as well as what I see and hear. There is great potential with new development and revitalization projects to make the business climate even stronger.


     10. Many communities and government entities in the East Metro collaborate to provide services to their residents in an effort operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Do you believe that Ramsey County uses such partnerships appropriately, and can you identify any specific areas where more sharing of services should be used?


Yes, Ramsey County utilizes partnerships efficiently. The best example of shared services I can think of pertains to the facility on Highway 96 in Arden Hills. .

     11. In your view, what is Ramsey County’s top transportation priority and how would you advance it?


I believe the top transportation priority is improved mass-transit. Placing more focus on transit corridors and studies to determine which options provide the highest impact on reducing traffic congestion while allowing people to get from A to B in a most timely fashion.


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